“Itty Bitty Twang Twang” Review by 3rd Coast Music’s John Conquest

Leyla’s new album, Itty Bitty Twang Twang was favorably reviewed by John Conquest in the October issue of 3rd Coast Music. The album later won Leyla a place at #5 for Female Artist of the Year on 3rd Coast Music's 2012 Best of the Best Chart (voted on by Chart Reporters).

LEYLA FENCES • Itty Bitty Twang Twang

Fences, a Dallas-based honky tonker, immediately reminds me of Houston’s Miss Leslie. The two women share three qualities, one is that they don’t have generic, auto-tuned voices. Once you’ve heard Fences’ distinctive nasal twang, you’ll immediately recognize it again and not be going ‘now which country bimbo is that?’ Another is that, while I have no idea how old she is, if she hasn’t really been round the block a few times, she certainly sounds like she knows what she’s talking about when she sings about, say, a married ex-boyfriend who comes nosing around (Get The Truck Out Of Here). Finally, both women
decided to write their own country songs because they couldn’t relate to what they were hearing on the radio and, in 14 originals
Fences runs an emotional gamut (though with a Loretta Lynn style sense of feminist humor - notably Trophy Wife) through the hopeful ups and bitter downs as she acknowledges her strengths and weaknesses.

Her Liars, Cheats & Fools was voted #3 Debut Album in the 2010 FAR & Away poll, but her songwriting has noticeably improved, to the point where one of the many standouts, The Next Time, is the kind of song you’d have thought went out of style after Stand By Your Man. I’m trying to think of some way of saying this in a complimentary, or at least tactful, way, but Fences exudes a kind of gritty realism that makes me want to call her music Trailer Park Country. And I mean that in the nicest way. - JOHN CONQUEST, OCTOBER, 2012.


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